Madison 1 Junior Team

Wisconsin District

Calvary Gospel Church
Pastor Roy Grant
5301 Commercial Avenue
Madison, WI

Coached by Spencer Hix and Natasha Hix

Team participated in these tournaments:
Jr 1 January Tournament (Bloomington) - 2018-01-13
    3rd out of 14 with 4 wins, 2 losses
    Ayooluwa Ogundeji - 2nd Highest Scoring Individual by Avg PPG
    Luke Merkes - 14th Place % Contribution All Tournament Team
WI Disrict Jr Div E (Calvary Gospel Chuch-Madison) - 2018-01-20
    2nd out of 15 with 6 wins, 2 losses
    Olivia Ackah - 2nd Place Avg PPG All Tournament Team
    Callie Zimmerman - 5th Place % Contribution All Tournament Team

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