Leah Brickle at Tournament 20180106 Missouri District INT SR

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Raw Data (after lock data ignored):

Quiz #10IC10IE10NIC10NIE10RRC10RRE20IC20IE20NIC20NIE20RRC20RRE30IC30IE30NIC30NIE30RRC30RREPercent ContributionLock Question
72.73% Correct in 10s91.67% Correct in 20s50.00% Correct in 30s
50.00% Interrupt Correct in 10s83.33% Interrupt Correct in 20s50.00% Interrupt Correct in 30s
3.7 (46%) Avg Answered in 10s4.0 (44%) Avg Answered in 20s1.3 (80%) Avg Answered in 30s

Overall 77.78% Correct (21 correct, 6 missed)
Overall 64.29% Interrupt Correct (9 interrupted correct, 5 interrupted missed)
Answered an average of 9.0 questions per quiz (7.0 correct, 2.0 missed)

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