Logan Davis

* Belleview * * Belleview, FL * * Florida 2 *

Logan Davis's Rankings out of 784 Total Quizzers

Projected PPG23.241281
Actual PPG21.212279
Percent High Scorer3.030420
Percent Quiz Out0.000501
Percent Correct87.50048
Percent Interrupted Correct66.667127
Percent of Pts from Interruptions7.813310
Average 10 Point Score5.303326
Average 20 Point Score10.909231
Average 30 Point Score3.182205

Average Points Per Game (PPG)

Projected PPG Based on PPS Stats

Projected PPG measures a quizzer's percent contribution by the lock and also factors in how many questions the quizzer answered correctly by the lock to get its calculated value. This statistic is a more accurate representation of a quizzer's performance than PPG because it ignores what happens in a quiz after the winner is already determined.

Percentage of Points from Interruptions/NonInterruptions/ReReads

Percentage High Scorer/2nd High Scorer/No Ribbon

Average # of Correct Responses per Game

Percent of Responses that are Correct per Game

Average Points in the 10s/20s/30s per Game