David Huslage

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David Huslage's Rankings out of 784 Total Quizzers

Projected PPG-4.410777
Actual PPG-3.889753
Percent High Scorer0.000514
Percent Quiz Out0.000339
Percent Correct30.303544
Percent Interrupted Correct12.500372
Percent of Pts from Interruptions84.61510
Average 10 Point Score1.667468
Average 20 Point Score-4.444509

Average Points Per Game (PPG)

Projected PPG Based on PPS Stats

Projected PPG measures a quizzer's percent contribution by the lock and also factors in how many questions the quizzer answered correctly by the lock to get its calculated value. This statistic is a more accurate representation of a quizzer's performance than PPG because it ignores what happens in a quiz after the winner is already determined.

Percentage of Points from Interruptions/NonInterruptions/ReReads

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