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There is a new rule concerning junior extravaganzas. A church may choose to participate in any one of the six extravaganzas. However, if that church has more than one team participating in an extravaganza regardless of division (junior or beginner), they must all attend the same extravaganza. The same question database is used at all extravaganzas, making this new rule necessary.

There are 213 days (30 weeks, 3 days) until the end of May. Use the following chart to see how many verses you would need to learn each week to know everything by district finals if you start within the next 3 days. *

DivisionNum VersesFirst Learn This:Then Learn This:
Beginner1927 Verses per Week for 12 Weeks6 Verses per Week for 18 Weeks
Junior28910 Verses per Week for 19 Weeks9 Verses per Week for 11 Weeks
Intermediate42215 Verses per Week for 2 Weeks14 Verses per Week for 28 Weeks
Experienced55019 Verses per Week for 10 Weeks18 Verses per Week for 20 Weeks
  * Many quizzers learn all of their material well before May. Use the Study Goal Calculator for more flexible planning.

Quiz Practice 101 The General Youth Division has created a great list of 101 Things to do in a Bible Quiz Practice. Most of the things listed are valid for all levels of quizzing, not just senior Bible quizzing. Check it out!

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