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Type District Name Date Teams
INTNorth Carolina District2016-02-066
INTNorth Carolina District2016-02-0612
EXPNorth Carolina District2016-02-065
BEGOklahoma District2016-02-068
BEGNorth American2016-02-065
JRNorth American2016-02-068

Latest News

Latest News

BQTournament 4.1 released 12/16/2015. This version has a few improvements, including the ability to honor an all tournament team based on Projected PPG. See below for details about Projected PPG.

Registration for 2016 Junior Bible Quizzing Extravaganzas is live. Click on this link to register your teams.
Our New National JBQ Director
Terry Marshall - National JBQ Director

An involvement which spans 30+ years all began in Moss Bluff, LA where Bro. Marshall was first introduced to Jr Bible Quizzing in 1984 as an assistant coach.  He immediately fell in love with this tremendous program realizing the eternal impact it has on our children.  While pursuing God’s call on his life in ministry, he has been privileged to coach teams from LA, CA, TN and IN, receiving Coach of the Year honors both in CA and IN.  He helped coach the National championship team of 1992, as well as his own children to a 4th place finish in the Intermediate Division in 2006. He and his wife have served in the Indiana District for the past 15 years as Quizmaster, and 8 of those years as District Coordinator, as well as the North Central Regional Coordinator. Along with those responsibilities Bro. & Sis. Marshall have been privileged to serve as part of the National staff for the past 9 years, as well as serving as Quizmaster in the North Central & North Eastern Extravaganzas.

See also a Letter from Our Director and 2016 JBQ Material Questions Answered
2016 Quiz Season

2016 Quiz Season

2016 Verses of Study - All Divisions

Junior Bible QuizzingSenior Bible Quizzing
Are You New To Quizzing?

Are You New To Quizzing?

For basic information about Bible quizzing, including rules regarding what ages may participate in which quiz divisions, see our Introduction to Bible Quizzing and Starting a Quiz Team pages. Your district quiz coordinator can give you a tournament schedule, so Contact Us if you need help reaching your district quiz coordinator.
For Quizzers

For Quizzers

For Coaches and Parents

For Coaches and Parents

A Parent / Coach Account allows you to input information about all of your teams, creates a web page to showcase each of your teams, lets you see summaries of your quizzers' online game playing results, lets you view your quizzers' MyQuizChart progress, and allows you to register online for tournaments in your district (if your district coordinator takes advantage of this completely free and easy to use feature).

Be sure to also visit the Team Pages, Online Calendar, and Map of Upcoming Events.

Projected PPG Explained

What is Projected PPG?

Projected PPG takes the percent of total points that were earned by a quizzer before a quiz is locked and realistically projects that percent across the points remaining after the lock. Projected PPG also takes into account whether a quizzer would be able to quiz out by the end of the quiz so that the projected PPG is a realistic projection across the remaining points after the lock.

Why Projected PPG?

Bible Quizzing is a ministry that builds character, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Although every quizzer is a winner in Bible quizzing, we do honor the best teams and quizzers at tournaments with trophies and ribbons. In my almost 30 years of involvement in this ministry, I have noticed that oftentimes a team will encourage their quizzers to stop quizzing competitively after a quiz is locked out of respect for the other team and to encourage good sportsmanship. As a result of this noble and sportsmanlike conduct, in many cases this action will result in some quizzers who quizzed the best not being honored on the all tournament team, while other quizzers who racked up on after-lock points but who did not quiz as well while the quizzes were competitive do make it on the all tournament team. Using Projected PPG for all tournament team consideration is one way to honor those quizzers who quizzed the best while the quizzes were still competitive. In the past, the only option for all tournament team consideration was to use actual PPG. With current technology, more choices are now available. UPCquiz will provide both the Actual PPG all tournament team and the Projected PPG all tournament team for all posted tournaments this quiz season. Whether a district wants to provide all tournament team trophies based on Actual PPG or Projected PPG is up to that district, and the BQTournament software now supports both considerations.

How is Projected PPG Calculated?

First, calculate a quizzer's percent of total points earned up to the lock question:

total points possible up to lock question = 10 (# of 10-pt) + 20 (# of 20-pt up to lock) + 30 (# of 30-pt up to lock)

PPS = (points earned by quizzer up to lock question) / (total points possible up to lock question)

Next, project that percent across the points remaining after the lock question:

Projected points = PPS x (possible points remaining after the lock question)

Next, calculate the quizzer's PPS Extrapolated Average:

PPS EA = (points earned by quizzer up to lock question) + (projected points)

* Note, if a quizzer has not quizzed out or cannot quiz out after the lock then the Projected PPG exactly equals the PPS EA.

Projected PPG = PPS EA

Finally, see if the quizzer can quiz out and limit the Projected PPG accordingly:

if (quizzer has already quizzed out)

     then Projected PPG = (points earned by quizzer up to lock question)

if (quizzer needs 1 to quiz out AND at least 1 question remains after lock AND (projected points > 40) )

     then Projected PPG = (points earned by quizzer up to lock question) + 40

if (quizzer needs 2 to quiz out AND at least 2 questions remains after lock AND (projected points > 70) )

     then Projected PPG = (points earned by quizzer up to lock question) + 70

and so forth ...