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Now is a good time to uninstall BQTournament 2014. It will no longer work. Everyone who wants to use BQTournament needs to download and install BQTournament 2015 for the new quiz season.

BQTournament Live Don't give up what you want most for what you want now.

Recent Tournament Results (last 7 days)

Type District Name Date Teams
INTIndiana District2015-01-2410
JRMississippi District2015-01-2412
INTMississippi District2015-01-249
EXPMississippi District2015-01-244
EXPOhio District2015-01-2416
INTOhio District2015-01-2414
BEGOregon District2015-01-244
JROregon District2015-01-244
EXPWisconsin District2015-01-249
INTWisconsin District2015-01-248
JRTexas District2015-01-2327
BEGTexas District2015-01-2321

More Tournament Results

Latest News - Updated January 9th


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M90Quiz Practice 101

There are 124 days (17 weeks, 5 days) until the end of May. Use the following chart to see how many verses you would need to learn each week to know everything by district finals if you start within the next 5 days. *

DivisionNum VersesFirst Learn This:Then Learn This:
Beginner19212 Verses per Week for 5 Weeks11 Verses per Week for 12 Weeks
Junior28917 Verses per Week for 0 Weeks17 Verses per Week for 17 Weeks
Intermediate42225 Verses per Week for 14 Weeks24 Verses per Week for 3 Weeks
Experienced55033 Verses per Week for 6 Weeks32 Verses per Week for 11 Weeks
  * Many quizzers learn all of their material well before May. Use the Study Goal Calculator for more flexible planning.