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Match Mania Game

In this game, you must match each reference to its verse.

Login is optional, but by logging in your high scores are remembered. Additionally, we store information on which verses you get right and wrong, so maybe in the future we can provide you with a summary of which verses you need to study more.

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   57 registered Beginner quizzers have played 437 games.
    Anonymous Beginner games played: 1188

   102 registered Junior quizzers have played 912 games.
    Anonymous Junior games played: 825

   50 registered Int Sr quizzers have played 701 games.
    Anonymous Int Sr games played: 409

   25 registered Exp Sr quizzers have played 867 games.
    Anonymous Exp Sr games played: 295

These rankings are based on most verses correct with best seconds/verse time.
Top Beginner Scores
254Regina295 correct1.305 s/v
176ryan295 correct5.207 s/v
175ryan195 correct6.646 s/v
277kammieclement195 correct7.129 s/v
221LMT130 correct4.793 s/v
Top Junior Scores
359Rachelle295 correct0.959 s/v
384junior1295 correct1.970 s/v
342junior1285 correct3.140 s/v
324peacock4270 correct1.911 s/v
352Ninjago250 correct2.244 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
155KaitlinCornelison415 correct2.215 s/v
110KaitlinCornelison415 correct2.475 s/v
122KaitlinCornelison415 correct2.713 s/v
108KaitlinCornelison415 correct2.906 s/v
114KaitlinCornelison200 correct2.395 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
199MicahMunn530 correct0.474 s/v
264Riahroo530 correct1.757 s/v
175spiderman72440 correct2.189 s/v
180spiderman72440 correct2.532 s/v
181sarah14430 correct3.021 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with up to 10 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
45bri 10 correct1.608 s/v
37bri 10 correct1.809 s/v
44bri 10 correct1.907 s/v
63bri 10 correct2.004 s/v
74bri 10 correct2.009 s/v
Top Junior Scores
177LordGarmadon 10 correct0.301 s/v
170LordGarmadon 10 correct0.302 s/v
165LordGarmadon 10 correct0.302 s/v
174LordGarmadon 10 correct0.302 s/v
169LordGarmadon 10 correct0.302 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
316 10 correct0.208 s/v
306 10 correct0.302 s/v
296 10 correct0.304 s/v
286 10 correct0.401 s/v
336 10 correct0.407 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
65MicahMunn 10 correct0.305 s/v
30MicahMunn 10 correct0.308 s/v
24MicahMunn 10 correct0.308 s/v
49MicahMunn 10 correct0.309 s/v
26MicahMunn 10 correct0.310 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 11 and 30 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
11bri 30 correct1.868 s/v
12bri 30 correct1.969 s/v
10bri 30 correct2.002 s/v
13bri 30 correct2.203 s/v
9bri 30 correct2.501 s/v
Top Junior Scores
56LordGarmadon 30 correct0.302 s/v
57LordGarmadon 30 correct0.333 s/v
55LordGarmadon 30 correct0.334 s/v
53LordGarmadon 30 correct0.336 s/v
52LordGarmadon 30 correct0.369 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
39KaitlinCornelison 15 correct1.205 s/v
41KaitlinCornelison 15 correct1.205 s/v
38KaitlinCornelison 20 correct1.304 s/v
37KaitlinCornelison 20 correct1.352 s/v
34KaitlinCornelison 15 correct1.601 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
55MicahMunn 20 correct0.504 s/v
56MicahMunn 20 correct0.652 s/v
30MicahMunn 20 correct0.700 s/v
11MicahMunn 30 correct0.767 s/v
7MicahMunn 30 correct0.970 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 31 and 50 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
4bri 35 correct2.259 s/v
8bri 45 correct2.313 s/v
7bri 45 correct2.380 s/v
29ChristianIsaac 50 correct2.561 s/v
9bri 35 correct2.572 s/v
Top Junior Scores
4LordGarmadon 50 correct1.321 s/v
77junior1 50 correct2.061 s/v
50colton 50 correct2.181 s/v
7TxBegCoach 50 correct2.261 s/v
53colton 50 correct2.300 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
19KaitlinCornelison 45 correct1.289 s/v
18KaitlinCornelison 45 correct1.312 s/v
13KaitlinCornelison 35 correct1.344 s/v
12KaitlinCornelison 35 correct1.373 s/v
22KaitlinCornelison 50 correct1.401 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
9MicahMunn 35 correct0.516 s/v
7MicahMunn 35 correct0.544 s/v
3MicahMunn 35 correct0.860 s/v
2MicahMunn 35 correct1.088 s/v
6MicahMunn 50 correct1.121 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 51 and 75 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
5LMT 55 correct2.674 s/v
4LMT 55 correct2.838 s/v
3LMT 55 correct3.092 s/v
10LMT 70 correct3.130 s/v
2LMT 55 correct3.237 s/v
Top Junior Scores
5BQROCKS 60 correct2.352 s/v
2legoboy123 70 correct2.458 s/v
6peacock4 65 correct3.247 s/v
4ibax 60 correct3.418 s/v
1ibax 60 correct4.667 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
6KaitlinCornelison 60 correct1.768 s/v
3KaitlinCornelison 55 correct1.874 s/v
5KaitlinCornelison 60 correct1.934 s/v
7KaitlinCornelison 60 correct1.984 s/v
4KaitlinCornelison 60 correct2.117 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
2MicahMunn 75 correct1.467 s/v
3MicahMunn 60 correct1.468 s/v
4MicahMunn 70 correct1.757 s/v
1narnia4ever 65 correct1.771 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with more than 75 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
5Regina295 correct1.305 s/v
4LMT 90 correct3.978 s/v
3LMT130 correct4.793 s/v
2ryan295 correct5.207 s/v
1ryan195 correct6.646 s/v
Top Junior Scores
14Rachelle295 correct0.959 s/v
9Ninjago150 correct1.707 s/v
8Ninjago150 correct1.741 s/v
11peacock4270 correct1.911 s/v
16junior1295 correct1.970 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
19KaitlinCornelison 80 correct1.988 s/v
22KaitlinCornelison190 correct2.163 s/v
15KaitlinCornelison 90 correct2.189 s/v
20KaitlinCornelison415 correct2.215 s/v
6elimc72130 correct2.324 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
13MicahMunn 90 correct0.423 s/v
27MicahMunn530 correct0.474 s/v
15MicahMunn190 correct0.495 s/v
20MicahMunn400 correct0.535 s/v
10MicahMunn195 correct1.118 s/v