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Match Mania Game

In this game, you must match each reference to its verse.

Login is optional, but by logging in your high scores are remembered. Additionally, we store information on which verses you get right and wrong, so maybe in the future we can provide you with a summary of which verses you need to study more.

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   17 registered Beginner quizzers have played 167 games.
    Anonymous Beginner games played: 375

   25 registered Junior quizzers have played 221 games.
    Anonymous Junior games played: 195

   16 registered Int Sr quizzers have played 150 games.
    Anonymous Int Sr games played: 86

   12 registered Exp Sr quizzers have played 396 games.
    Anonymous Exp Sr games played: 197

Recent Best Junior Quizzers
Hawk27 (1.3)  

These rankings are based on most verses correct with best seconds/verse time.
Top Beginner Scores
25bqfun 80 correct2.451 s/v
19BQfun 70 correct4.658 s/v
20bqfun 65 correct3.663 s/v
18Bqfun 50 correct4.821 s/v
8GillianF 40 correct2.676 s/v
Top Junior Scores
186Jed155 correct3.884 s/v
187Jed155 correct6.729 s/v
185Jed140 correct3.507 s/v
134panda10125 correct3.464 s/v
112junior1120 correct2.276 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
115Ally215 correct1.996 s/v
121Ally130 correct1.670 s/v
99Ally120 correct2.459 s/v
1ericsforbes105 correct2.124 s/v
95Ally105 correct2.982 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
326JiDiorian 50 correct1.322 s/v
323JiDiorian 50 correct1.480 s/v
324JiDiorian 50 correct1.502 s/v
325JiDiorian 50 correct1.580 s/v
322JiDiorian 50 correct1.581 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with up to 10 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
13BQfun 10 correct1.801 s/v
64TDF 10 correct1.905 s/v
8bqfun 10 correct1.906 s/v
67TDF 10 correct2.005 s/v
65TDF 10 correct2.104 s/v
Top Junior Scores
142Hawk27 10 correct1.307 s/v
143Hawk27 10 correct1.405 s/v
36peytonmarsh 10 correct1.407 s/v
18peytonmarsh 10 correct1.409 s/v
134Hawk27 10 correct1.500 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
54TheWorstQuizzerEver 10 correct0.306 s/v
51TheWorstQuizzerEver 10 correct0.309 s/v
53TheWorstQuizzerEver 10 correct0.405 s/v
50TheWorstQuizzerEver 10 correct0.504 s/v
46TheWorstQuizzerEver 10 correct0.506 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
204JiDiorian 10 correct0.709 s/v
202JiDiorian 10 correct0.800 s/v
203JiDiorian 10 correct0.800 s/v
198JiDiorian 10 correct0.802 s/v
117wowsbq 10 correct0.809 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 11 and 30 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
10bqfun 30 correct2.434 s/v
24TDF 20 correct2.504 s/v
9BQfun 30 correct2.902 s/v
1chariti 15 correct3.005 s/v
8egrace 15 correct3.073 s/v
Top Junior Scores
48peytonmarsh 15 correct1.801 s/v
17peytonmarsh 20 correct1.802 s/v
47peytonmarsh 15 correct1.867 s/v
45peytonmarsh 15 correct1.935 s/v
46peytonmarsh 15 correct1.936 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
10XXdusty 20 correct1.402 s/v
23Ally 30 correct1.402 s/v
7BeyBladeMaster 15 correct1.469 s/v
5BeyBladeMaster 15 correct1.470 s/v
6BeyBladeMaster 15 correct1.600 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
81JiDiorian 15 correct0.870 s/v
80JiDiorian 15 correct0.935 s/v
55wowsbq 15 correct1.005 s/v
78JiDiorian 15 correct1.005 s/v
77JiDiorian 15 correct1.006 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 31 and 50 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
4GillianF 40 correct2.676 s/v
3GillianF 40 correct3.477 s/v
2GillianF 40 correct4.601 s/v
1GillianF 40 correct4.602 s/v
5Bqfun 50 correct4.821 s/v
Top Junior Scores
3colton 40 correct2.651 s/v
1colton 40 correct3.877 s/v
4junior1 45 correct3.935 s/v
2colton 40 correct4.126 s/v
5panda10 35 correct6.229 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
1XXdusty 50 correct1.641 s/v
13Ally 50 correct1.841 s/v
14Ally 50 correct1.861 s/v
12Ally 50 correct1.862 s/v
10Ally 40 correct2.026 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
13Riahroo 45 correct1.134 s/v
11Riahroo 45 correct1.178 s/v
12Riahroo 45 correct1.179 s/v
30JiDiorian 45 correct1.267 s/v
10Riahroo 45 correct1.289 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 51 and 75 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
2bqfun 65 correct3.663 s/v
1BQfun 70 correct4.658 s/v
Top Junior Scores
2junior1 70 correct2.201 s/v
3junior1 60 correct2.334 s/v
5panda10 70 correct2.914 s/v
1junior1 60 correct3.135 s/v
4panda10 55 correct5.273 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
6Ally 60 correct2.001 s/v
5Ally 70 correct2.072 s/v
2XXdusty 60 correct2.100 s/v
1XXdusty 60 correct2.251 s/v
4Ally 60 correct2.584 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with more than 75 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
1bqfun 80 correct2.451 s/v
Top Junior Scores
2junior1115 correct2.165 s/v
3junior1120 correct2.276 s/v
1junior1115 correct2.505 s/v
4panda10 80 correct3.088 s/v
5panda10125 correct3.464 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
8Ally130 correct1.670 s/v
7Ally215 correct1.996 s/v
1ericsforbes105 correct2.124 s/v
6Ally 85 correct2.389 s/v
5Ally120 correct2.459 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores