Match Mania Game

In this game, you must match each reference to its verse.

Login is optional, but by logging in your high scores are remembered. Additionally, we store information on which verses you get right and wrong, so maybe in the future we can provide you with a summary of which verses you need to study more.

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   39 registered Beginner quizzers have played 492 games.
    Anonymous Beginner games played: 585

   66 registered Junior quizzers have played 1913 games.
    Anonymous Junior games played: 374

   65 registered Int Sr quizzers have played 1344 games.
    Anonymous Int Sr games played: 274

   25 registered Exp Sr quizzers have played 832 games.
    Anonymous Exp Sr games played: 306

Recent Best Beginner Quizzers
ksr08fga (1.1)jathorson7 (1.4)Gavind (4.2)
Recent Best Junior Quizzers
AshK (1.0)Tkamers123 (1.1)7 (2.5)
Recent Best Int Sr Quizzers
Kev1n1 (1.9)  
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KaitlinCornelison2016 (0.8)AbigailFredaT (0.9) 

These rankings are based on most verses correct with best seconds/verse time.
Top Beginner Scores
377deborahnkurumeh 75 correct8.934 s/v
379jathorson7 70 correct3.357 s/v
468Isaiah1234 70 correct35.486 s/v
450Isaiah1234 65 correct3.293 s/v
429Isaiah1234 65 correct4.585 s/v
Top Junior Scores
1818jdogcamifga170 correct1.500 s/v
1401jdogcamifga155 correct1.374 s/v
1074junior1155 correct1.904 s/v
1400jdogcamifga150 correct1.601 s/v
1340hunter2004fga11145 correct1.304 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
1039RachelleT200 correct0.825 s/v
1151MofFGA165 correct4.230 s/v
1038RachelleT145 correct0.807 s/v
1028reggiegfingers140 correct1.079 s/v
1077ReggieGFingers140 correct1.101 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
465sethyj0722170 correct3.612 s/v
409rosetteJoy165 correct0.958 s/v
814KaitlinCornelison2016165 correct1.273 s/v
815KaitlinCornelison2016165 correct1.273 s/v
813KaitlinCornelison2016165 correct1.358 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with up to 10 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
82ksr08fga 10 correct1.009 s/v
324ksr08fga 10 correct1.102 s/v
73ksr08fga 10 correct1.105 s/v
314ksr08fga 10 correct1.105 s/v
323ksr08fga 10 correct1.106 s/v
Top Junior Scores
835hunter2004fga11 10 correct0.608 s/v
1100hunter2004fga11 10 correct0.608 s/v
810hunter2004fga11 10 correct0.609 s/v
1097hunter2004fga11 10 correct0.610 s/v
1101hunter2004fga11 10 correct0.610 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
10236 10 correct0.301 s/v
10306 10 correct0.303 s/v
10296 10 correct0.303 s/v
10226 10 correct0.303 s/v
10266 10 correct0.303 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
197Micah4Lancaster 10 correct0.607 s/v
226Micah4Lancaster 10 correct0.700 s/v
401Micah4Lancaster 10 correct0.701 s/v
286SonoT15 10 correct0.702 s/v
190Micah4Lancaster 10 correct0.702 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 11 and 30 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
58ksr08fga 15 correct1.134 s/v
22ksr08fga 15 correct1.204 s/v
45ksr08fga 15 correct1.271 s/v
44ksr08fga 15 correct1.337 s/v
23ksr08fga 15 correct1.406 s/v
Top Junior Scores
116hunter2004fga11 30 correct0.770 s/v
63jdogcamifga 15 correct0.803 s/v
95hunter2004fga11 30 correct0.835 s/v
109hunter2004fga11 30 correct0.835 s/v
97hunter2004fga11 30 correct0.836 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
156RachelleT 30 correct0.669 s/v
155RachelleT 30 correct0.702 s/v
55mimcoy15fga 15 correct0.738 s/v
50mimcoy15fga 15 correct0.738 s/v
107mimcoy15fga 15 correct0.739 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
99Micah4Lancaster 20 correct0.804 s/v
70rosetteJoy 30 correct0.837 s/v
34KaitlinCornelison2016 15 correct0.871 s/v
45KaitlinCornelison2016 20 correct0.900 s/v
48placerVille 20 correct0.902 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 31 and 50 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
18GillianF 40 correct2.176 s/v
22GillianF 40 correct2.302 s/v
26ksr08fga 35 correct2.431 s/v
3mason 40 correct2.977 s/v
2mason 35 correct3.345 s/v
Top Junior Scores
527 50 correct0.442 s/v
68jdogcamifga 35 correct0.887 s/v
69jdogcamifga 35 correct0.944 s/v
67jdogcamifga 35 correct1.058 s/v
66jdogcamifga 35 correct1.143 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
50RachelleT 50 correct0.861 s/v
26mimcoy15fga 35 correct1.115 s/v
62BradnKrsgrdn14 35 correct1.145 s/v
37BradnKrsgrdn14 35 correct1.173 s/v
61BradnKrsgrdn14 35 correct1.258 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
23SonoT15 35 correct0.886 s/v
3rosetteJoy 35 correct0.887 s/v
2rosetteJoy 35 correct0.915 s/v
13KaitlinCornelison2016 35 correct0.974 s/v
10KaitlinCornelison2016 35 correct1.000 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 51 and 75 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
6RedRobert 60 correct2.901 s/v
9Isaiah1234 65 correct3.293 s/v
3jathorson7 70 correct3.357 s/v
5Isaiah1234 55 correct3.438 s/v
8Isaiah1234 65 correct4.585 s/v
Top Junior Scores
27AshK 70 correct1.116 s/v
22hunter2004fga11 65 correct1.231 s/v
14hunter2004fga11 55 correct1.328 s/v
3jdogcamifga 55 correct1.547 s/v
30RHopeThor 55 correct1.565 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
1RachelleT 65 correct1.016 s/v
3Ally 75 correct1.334 s/v
2Ally 75 correct1.721 s/v
15Kev1n1 75 correct1.800 s/v
14Kev1n1 65 correct1.801 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
5KaitlinCornelison2016 65 correct1.077 s/v
1rosetteJoy 65 correct1.108 s/v
8KaitlinCornelison2016 65 correct1.154 s/v
3rosetteJoy 65 correct1.201 s/v
2rosetteJoy 55 correct1.219 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with more than 75 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
Top Junior Scores
26AshK105 correct1.249 s/v
8hunter2004fga11145 correct1.304 s/v
13jdogcamifga155 correct1.374 s/v
4hunter2004fga11 85 correct1.412 s/v
25AshK105 correct1.420 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
9RachelleT145 correct0.807 s/v
10RachelleT200 correct0.825 s/v
8reggiegfingers140 correct1.079 s/v
13ReggieGFingers140 correct1.101 s/v
4Ally130 correct1.262 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
33rosetteJoy165 correct0.958 s/v
44SonoT15100 correct0.960 s/v
6rosetteJoy100 correct1.021 s/v
51KaitlinCornelison2016120 correct1.126 s/v
60KaitlinCornelison2016120 correct1.142 s/v