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Match Mania Game

In this game, you must match each reference to its verse.

Login is optional, but by logging in your high scores are remembered. Additionally, we store information on which verses you get right and wrong, so maybe in the future we can provide you with a summary of which verses you need to study more.

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   34 registered Beginner quizzers have played 530 games.
    Anonymous Beginner games played: 970

   60 registered Junior quizzers have played 1230 games.
    Anonymous Junior games played: 472

   38 registered Int Sr quizzers have played 791 games.
    Anonymous Int Sr games played: 250

   31 registered Exp Sr quizzers have played 1126 games.
    Anonymous Exp Sr games played: 540

Recent Best Beginner Quizzers
quizkiller07 (2.6)Isaiah1234 (7.6) 
Recent Best Junior Quizzers
abby11 (1.1)  

These rankings are based on most verses correct with best seconds/verse time.
Top Beginner Scores
462Isaiah1234140 correct6.344 s/v
471Isaiah1234140 correct7.579 s/v
455Isaiah1234140 correct15.001 s/v
451Isaiah1234140 correct16.701 s/v
389Isaiah1234130 correct14.785 s/v
Top Junior Scores
1098Eagle25290 correct1.621 s/v
442Eagle25290 correct2.010 s/v
390Eagle25290 correct2.142 s/v
1131panda10290 correct2.290 s/v
513Eagle25290 correct2.428 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
151Ally300 correct1.740 s/v
768MalachiMunn123300 correct2.107 s/v
499missThorson235 correct0.979 s/v
593hboydbug230 correct2.683 s/v
136Ally215 correct1.996 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
604Autumn425 correct2.468 s/v
1109spiderman72375 correct2.488 s/v
756Lightning325 correct1.794 s/v
750Lightning325 correct1.895 s/v
842Placervillerosette320 correct1.025 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with up to 10 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
336anna14 10 correct0.809 s/v
353anna14 10 correct1.001 s/v
324anna14 10 correct1.003 s/v
377anna14 10 correct1.003 s/v
319anna14 10 correct1.004 s/v
Top Junior Scores
1987 10 correct0.409 s/v
417ReginaThorson 10 correct0.701 s/v
392ReginaThorson 10 correct0.702 s/v
416ReginaThorson 10 correct0.708 s/v
402ReginaThorson 10 correct0.801 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
101MicahMunn4Lancaster 10 correct0.208 s/v
105MicahMunn4Lancaster 10 correct0.208 s/v
109MicahMunn4Lancaster 10 correct0.208 s/v
102MicahMunn4Lancaster 10 correct0.301 s/v
104MicahMunn4Lancaster 10 correct0.301 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
449MissRachelleThorson 10 correct0.601 s/v
434MissRachelleThorson 10 correct0.601 s/v
452MissRachelleThorson 10 correct0.604 s/v
439MissRachelleThorson 10 correct0.604 s/v
428MissRachelleThorson 10 correct0.608 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 11 and 30 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
15bqfun 30 correct2.434 s/v
38calebmwright 20 correct2.502 s/v
29TDF 20 correct2.504 s/v
14BQfun 30 correct2.902 s/v
17chariti 15 correct3.005 s/v
Top Junior Scores
99ReginaGrace 30 correct0.903 s/v
101ReginaGrace 30 correct1.002 s/v
100ReginaGrace 30 correct1.102 s/v
93Jed 15 correct1.134 s/v
142BQ 15 correct1.136 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
49RachelleThorson 15 correct0.672 s/v
46RachelleThorson 15 correct0.735 s/v
57missThorson 30 correct0.735 s/v
50RachelleThorson 15 correct0.736 s/v
60RachelleThorson 20 correct0.755 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
243MissRachelleThorson 30 correct0.703 s/v
226Placervillerosette 15 correct0.735 s/v
254MissRachelleThorson 15 correct0.736 s/v
250MissRachelleThorson 15 correct0.738 s/v
255MissRachelleThorson 15 correct0.739 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 31 and 50 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
5GillianF 40 correct2.676 s/v
3GillianF 40 correct3.477 s/v
13socrkid101 35 correct3.886 s/v
7GillianF 40 correct4.350 s/v
2GillianF 40 correct4.601 s/v
Top Junior Scores
27Eagle25 35 correct1.143 s/v
24Eagle25 35 correct1.145 s/v
25Eagle25 35 correct1.229 s/v
26Eagle25 35 correct1.343 s/v
10Eagle25 50 correct1.541 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
30RachelleThorson 50 correct0.781 s/v
28missThorson 50 correct0.841 s/v
29missThorson 35 correct0.943 s/v
33Ally 50 correct1.121 s/v
23KaitlinCornelison 35 correct1.345 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
63MissRachelleThorson 50 correct0.760 s/v
62MissRachelleThorson 50 correct0.862 s/v
51Placervillerosette 50 correct0.901 s/v
49Placervillerosette 40 correct1.002 s/v
31Riahroo 45 correct1.134 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with between 51 and 75 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
2bqfun 65 correct3.663 s/v
1BQfun 70 correct4.658 s/v
3shaehord 60 correct4.884 s/v
Top Junior Scores
15Eagle25 75 correct1.561 s/v
16Eagle25 55 correct1.564 s/v
13Eagle25 70 correct1.572 s/v
11Eagle25 70 correct1.658 s/v
9Eagle25 70 correct1.901 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
11missThorson 55 correct0.946 s/v
15KaitlinCornelison 60 correct1.551 s/v
9Ally 55 correct1.710 s/v
14KaitlinCornelison 60 correct1.734 s/v
12KaitlinCornelison 60 correct1.768 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
17MissRachelleThorson 70 correct0.800 s/v
16MissRachelleThorson 70 correct0.872 s/v
18Placervillerosette 60 correct0.967 s/v
15Placervillerosette 60 correct1.068 s/v
14Placervillerosette 60 correct1.101 s/v

These rankings are the best seconds/verse times for games with more than 75 correct.
Top Beginner Scores
1bqfun 80 correct2.451 s/v
12gdixon07100 correct4.740 s/v
9Isaiah1234 90 correct4.845 s/v
8Isaiah1234 90 correct5.345 s/v
11gdixon07100 correct5.860 s/v
Top Junior Scores
45ReginaThorson100 correct0.951 s/v
48ReginaThorson100 correct0.980 s/v
47ReginaThorson100 correct1.010 s/v
29ReginaGrace100 correct1.070 s/v
43ReginaThorson100 correct1.090 s/v
Top Int Sr Scores
10RachelleThorson 90 correct0.900 s/v
12missThorson235 correct0.979 s/v
11RachelleThorson150 correct0.980 s/v
16KaitlinCornelison105 correct1.410 s/v
14KaitlinCornelison105 correct1.572 s/v
Top Exp Sr Scores
27MissRachelleThorson105 correct0.838 s/v
11Placervillerosette150 correct0.854 s/v
28MissRachelleThorson235 correct0.868 s/v
31MissRachelleThorson 90 correct0.922 s/v
30Placervillerosette255 correct0.988 s/v