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Software License and Licensing Questions

I have purchased a software license. How do I get my license key?

To get a list of all of your purchased license keys, visit the License Orders page. You will need to enter the email address that was used when you made your online PayPal order. For each order, click the Activate Now link. A request key form page will open, with detailed directions on how to find your computer's hardware fingerprint and how to complete the web form. Your license key for your computer will automatically be generated after you complete the form to activate your license. After submitting the web form, if you do not see the full name/key pair displayed, you may need to refresh your browser or go back to the License Orders page.

When I paste in my license name/key, it says it is not valid. What do I do now?

There are only a few reasons why the license name/key is not valid.

  • After submitting the form to create your license, if it doesn't list both the name and key you need to hit the browser refresh button for it to display all the way. If you have already closed that window, all you have to do is go to the License Orders page to view the full name/key license.

  • You are trying to use the 2019 license with the 2018 software (you must download and install BQTournament 2019). Verify that you are using BQTournament 2019. The desktop icon should say bqt2019.

  • The hardware fingerprint for that particular computer was typed in incorrectly in the submit form. The hardware fingerprint is an 8-character code of the form AAAA-AAAA (but NOT exactly AAAA-AAAA) and is unique to your specific computer. It is displayed in the Enter Key window right above the name field.

  • You are trying to use a name/key that was created for a different computer with a different hardware fingerprint. Each name/key license will only work on the computer for which it was created based on the unique hardware fingerprint. You cannot use the same name/key license on more than one computer.

  • You are not copying and pasting the name/key per the directions. If you try to type in the name and key by hand, chances are that you will make a mistake. You can highlight both lines of the name/key license with your computer mouse, right click and select Copy, then in the Enter Key window of the software click in the first input field, right click and select Paste. This will paste the key in both fields of the Enter Key window.

  • If you need me to reset your license so you can try again, please contact me and include your paypal email address so I can look up your order.

How does the software licensing work? I am not sure what I need to order.

BQTournament software is licensed per quiz season, and expires on December 31 each quiz year. If you have a usb buzzer system needing BQTournament software, the cost is $20 for a 2018 license for one computer. If you need to install the software on different laptops for use at different practices by different coaches (so they can use their own laptops with the buzzer system), then I can provide additional licenses free of charge (contact me to let me know how many you need). The exception is if you plan to use the software at the same time on different computers; in that case, I do ask that you purchase additional licenses. The additional licenses are $20 each for the first two additional licenses (so 3 licenses = $60), and $5 each thereafter. You can download and purchase BQTournament 2018 from here. If you do not have a buzzer system, the cost for BQTournament is $25 each for the first 3 licenses (so 3 licenses = $75), and $5 each thereafter. The license count applies per church, not individual or quiz division.

BQTournament Software Questions

My BQTournament software is expired. What do I need to do to get the latest BQTournament?

BQTournament expires on December 31st of the quiz year. You must update to the new quiz season's BQTournament software each quiz season. To download the latest BQTournament, go to the Downloads page. The software will work for 21 days without a purchased license. You can uninstall past BQTournament installs since they will no longer work after the quiz season is over.

When installing BQTournament, I get the error message "could not find the main class bqtournament.BQTournamentApp. Program will exit." What do I do to resolve this issue?

If you are getting that error message, then Java needs to be updated on your computer. Go to and install the latest Java. If your computer is not able to run the latest Java (I know Java 8 is not compatible with Windows XP and earlier because Microsoft no longer supports XP; when you try to install Java it will tell you if Java 8 is not compatible), then you may need to go to the other versions of Java download page at and install Java 32-bit. When you have at least Java 32-bit installed on your pc, then BQTournament will definitely work.

How do I update my BQTournament Software to the latest version?

To update to the latest software version, go to the Downloads page. Download the software. Run the installer. IGNORE THE MESSAGE TO UNINSTALL. You DO NOT need to uninstall the previous version before installing the latest version. When you install, the newer version replaces the older version, and all of your previous data is now available in the new version. Your license will also be remembered.

Is there a difference between the trial version and the licensed version?

No. When you purchase a license, the reminder to purchase window will not appear anymore. If you purchased a coordinator license, the backup and post to website buttons will be activated. But the software itself is the same. You do not have to download another copy of the software or anything.

Do BQTournament software, BQQuote software, and usb buzzer system work on a Mac?

There are Mac owners who are able to run the BQTournament software and the buzzer system. This is only possible, however, by running Windows on the Mac. Most that do this use Windows Parallels or through a program called VMWare Fusion.

USB Buzzer System Questions

I have a usb buzzer system. What software do I need to use it?

You need the current quiz year's version of BQTournament. To download BQTournament 2019, go to the Downloads page. The software will work for 21 days without a purchased license.

Online Account Questions

I have requested a new password for my Team Account, but nothing has happened and I can't log in. What do I do?

You should have received an email containing your new password. If you did not receive this email, add to your address book. Then request a new password again. If you still do not receive your new password via email, contact me.