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General Questions

What is Virtual Bible Quizzing?

Virtual Bible Quizzing is the use of video teleconferencing combined with a virtual buzzer system to allow teams to be able to Bible quiz without having to all be present at the same physical location. Each participant joins a video conference that the coach or event organizer has set up. Then, on a different device, each quizzer goes to to access a virtual quiz button and to enter the virtual quiz room where they will be quizzing. The scorekeeper opens a virtual buzzer system, enters a virtual quiz room, and assigns buzzer positions to all of the quizzers who have joined that virtual quiz room. The quizmaster opens a virtual interruption button and joins the virtual quiz room as well. When all participants have joined the virtual quiz room and been assigned to their positions, quizzing may begin!

What is a Virtual Quiz Room?

A Virtual Quiz Room is an online "room" where officials and quizzers join through their mobile devices, computers, or BQTournament software to be able to quiz the same quiz from different physical locations. Each virtual quiz room is only accessible by a unique room number and a "key" that unlocks that room. Everyone in the room is aware of other participants in the room, and the scorekeeper has total control over who is assigned to buzzer positions. Quizzers not assigned to a buzzer position do not have the ability to buzz in.

What can be used for video conferencing?

Any video teleconferencing tool or software can be used for the video, such as Zoom, FaceTime, Google Duo, or Facebook Messenger. In my experience, Zoom works best for quizzing needs because it gives the ability for breakout rooms where teams can have timeouts or contests. See the documentation for the video conferencing tool you choose for details about how to use it. For team practice, FaceTime or Facebook Messenger would probably work well (although I still prefer Zoom).

I want to have remote quiz practice. How do I get started?

Choose a video conferencing tool such as Zoom, and learn how to use it. Make sure you and your quizzers can join a video conference together. Also, log in to your UPCQuiz Online Account and request a virtual quiz room by clicking the Request Virtual Quiz Room Button on your account page. If you do not have a UPCQuiz Online Account and you are a parent, coach or coordinator, create your free account. Finally, follow the directions given on your account page to use your virtual quiz room with your quizzers.

Does BQTournament software work with the Virtual Buzzer System?

Yes! Beta version 5.85 of BQTournament has a virtual buzzer system built in to the software. Download BQTournament Beta 5.85. To access the virtual buzzer system, open a scoresheet in the usual way and click the Virtual Buzzer System Button (a red circle) located next to the black buzzer handle icon in the lower right corner of the scoresheet panel. This will open the Virtual Buzzer System and will work with the software just like the USB Buzzer System. Amazing, huh?

How do quizzers buzz in?

Go to for the remote buzzer button. Your coach will give you a virtual quiz room number and a key. Enter your name, virtual quiz room number, and key in the form, and click the Join Virtual Quiz Room Button. Finally, wait for the scorekeeper to assign you to a buzzer position, then quiz!

How much does the Virtual Quiz Room cost?

During Covid-19, virtual quiz rooms are free to everyone. We may need to charge in the future if more equipment is required to handle increased traffic, but for now, enjoy!

I know you have more questions, but hopefully this is enough information to get you started. If someone would like to add to this document, I could use the help creating documentation for this project. Contact me via the contact page if you would like to volunteer your services. Thanks much!