BQTournament 2023 Software

Version 6.9 (released 08/28/2023)

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Thank you for your interest in BQTournament 2023 Software. See the latest Release Notes for version changes, known issues, and future enhancements. This software is licensed on a per computer basis for the 2022 quiz season (all copies will expire on 12/31/2022). Once installed, the download will work for 21 days without a purchased license.

The built-in help documentation is also available online. If you find a bug in the software, click the export data button, export the file, and email it to with a description of what happened. Updates and software fixes will be freely available for download throughout the quiz season as needed.

Using past tournament data is a great way to learn the features of the software. If you want to use past tournament data, start BQTournament and from the File Menu select Download Data.

Matrix Creation

The software generates matrix forms for any number of teams. Input of team and quizzer names is very easy.
Tournament Matrix


Scorekeeping with the software can handle everything that can happen in a quiz (timeouts, contests, fouls, etc). Calculations are automatic, and score difference and remaining points are clearly displayed. Notice is given when quizzers quiz or error out, and when the game is locked/iced. Practice quizzes can be played as well. Statistics are maintained on tournament and practice quizzes.

Keep Official Time / Show Summary Window

Official time can be kept with the software. Use the function keys to keep time, where time is called when time expires. Hit F1 to clear the timer, F5 for 5 seconds, F3 for 30 seconds, F6 for 60 seconds, and F12 to transfer the scoresheet time to the official time. Official time is displayed in a summary window (on same screen or a secondary monitor). Coaches can even use this timer feature at practices.
Summary Window

BQTournament Software Overview

BQTournament Software is a software application that will generate fair and balanced tournament matrices, fill in a matrix as a tournament is being played, keep track of tournament statistics, calculate all-tournament teams, and provide detailed tournament result summaries and statistics. Electronic score keeping during a quiz is also possible with this application, eliminating virtually all calculation errors during score keeping. Scorekeeping features include notification when quizzers quiz or error out, automatic score calculations, display of score difference, notification when game is locked/iced, and handling of all possible events during a quiz such as timeouts, contests, overtime, etc. Official timekeeping and display of game summary window is also available. Note that quiz coordinators will have the ability to post tournament results directly to the web site from the application. See the help documentation for a full description of features.