BQTournament USB Buzzer System

I have created a computer-based buzzer system designed to reduce errors made by buzzer operators, timekeepers, and scorekeepers. The system plugs into a computer's usb port, and works directly with the BQTournament software.

Buzzer System Features

  • Has a 1 millisecond response rate.
  • Handheld switches attach to and detach from the system using rca jacks.
  • Automatically buzzes then calls out the color and number of the first quizzer who buzzed in (eliminates error of a daydreaming or color-blind buzzer operator)
  • Calls out "interruption" as needed (using the quizmaster's handheld button - the quizmaster presses the button if the question is interrupted)
  • Automatically starts the 30 second timer at exactly the right moment (eliminates timekeeping errors)

Buzzer Description
Buzzer Handle
Buzzer Status
  • Displays the time that the first quizzer buzzes in, and displays the thousandths of milliseconds later that other quizzers hit the button - coaches can see how close quizzers are hitting
  • Accurately determines whether a quizzer buzzes in before the 5 second timer expires (eliminates error and prevents time from being called as a quizzer responds)
  • Within BQTournament, automatically selects the first quizzer who buzzed in (eliminates error of giving the credit to the wrong quizzer)
  • BQTournament automatically clears the buzzer appropriately as the questions advance (eliminates error of forgetting to clear the buzzer)
  • Eliminates the need for a buzzer operator, while at the same time makes the scorekeeper/timekeeper's job easier