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Recent Tournament Results (last 7 days)

Type District Name Date Teams
EXPTennessee District2022-06-257
JRLouisiana District2022-06-2411
BEGLouisiana District2022-06-2416
JRAlaska/Yukon District2022-06-234
BEGAlaska/Yukon District2022-06-232
INTAlaska/Yukon District2022-06-233

2022 Junior Verse Listings - Greater Treasure
2022 SBQ Verse Listings - Guided

Windows BQTournament 2022 Version 6.3 Released

BQTournament 2022 scorekeeping and tournament software version 6.3 is available for download. This Windows software is for the 2022 quiz season and contains wisdom/Proverbs verses for all divisions.


BQLookup22, an app for material lookup, is now available.

BQ Bubble Blast Online Game

BQ Bubble Blast, an online game to practice verse referencing, is now available.

Study Goal Calculator for 2022 is Available
Spot Check Tool for 2022 is Available
Flashcards Deluxe decks are now available for the 2022 season.

Are You New To Quizzing?

For basic information about Bible quizzing, including rules regarding what ages may participate in which quiz divisions, see our Introduction to Bible Quizzing and Starting a Quiz Team pages. Your district quiz coordinator can give you a tournament schedule, so Contact Us and tell us your UPCI District if you need help reaching your district quiz coordinator.