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Recent Tournament Results (last 7 days)

Type District Name Date Teams
BEGArkansas District2018-01-2011
INTFlorida District2018-01-206
INTFlorida District2018-01-205
JRGeorgia District2018-01-204
BEGGeorgia District2018-01-204
EXPIndiana District2018-01-206
INTIndiana District2018-01-208
EXPOhio District2018-01-2011
INTOhio District2018-01-2011
INTOntario District2018-01-204
BEGWisconsin District2018-01-2010
JRWisconsin District2018-01-2015
JRNorth American2018-01-209
JRSouthern California District2018-01-208
BEGTexas District2018-01-1922
JRTexas District2018-01-1918
EXPFlorida District2018-01-178

2018 Junior Verse Listings and 2018 Senior Verse Listings.

Buzzer System Orders will ship this week!

If you have recently ordered a buzzer system, it will ship this week now that the delayed parts have arrived. We apologize for the long wait, and are working diligently to prevent a supply issue in the future.

BQTournament 2018 is Available

Download BQTournament 2018.

All Mobile Apps Are Available

BQLearn18, BQQuote18, BQScore18, BQBubble18, BQLookup18, and BQMatch18 are available in the Apple App Store, Amazon App Store, and Google Play. Search upcquiz. BQScore18 is for 7" and larger tablets, so may not show as available on your phone.

The BQLearn18 and BQQuote18 apps for mobile devices have audio record capabilities. In BQLearn18, a quizzer can quote a verse out loud, then replay the recording and visually check for correctness. The quizzer can repeat this process as many times as needed until the verse can be quoted perfectly. Using BQQuote18, quizzers can "self quote"! BQQuote18 is a "must have" app for every quiz family. You will LOVE the improved features in the BQQuote app!

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Latest News

Latest News

BQTournament 2018 version 4.8 released September 2, 2017

Are You New To Quizzing?

Are You New To Quizzing?

For basic information about Bible quizzing, including rules regarding what ages may participate in which quiz divisions, see our Introduction to Bible Quizzing and Starting a Quiz Team pages. Your district quiz coordinator can give you a tournament schedule, so Contact Us if you need help reaching your district quiz coordinator.
For Quizzers

For Quizzers

For Coaches and Parents

For Coaches and Parents

A Parent / Coach Account allows you to input information about all of your teams, creates a web page to showcase each of your teams, lets you see summaries of your quizzers' online game playing results, lets you view your quizzers' MyQuizChart progress, and allows you to register online for tournaments in your district (if your district coordinator takes advantage of this completely free and easy to use feature).

Be sure to also visit the Team Pages, Online Calendar, and Map of Upcoming Events.